Island Tug and Barge – A Strong Culture of Innovation and Commitment

Jul 11, 2022

A subsidiary of Tidewater Canada, the ITB Marine Group leverages its revenue streams across two core businesses: Island Tug and Barge (ITB) and ITB Subsea (previously highlighted in BC Tugboat’s Fall 2021 issue). 

ITB’s primary business is the distribution of refined petroleum products (distillates, gasoline, jet fuel & renewables) within the waterways of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and Alaska. ITB has been providing its market with best-in-class service for over 45 years. ITB also provides floating storage and lightering services for petroleum product while participating in the bunker market, refuelling deep sea vessels and cruise ships within the Port of Vancouver. On average, ITB safely delivers marine bunkers to upwards of 1,000 vessels each year.

Each year, ITB transports and delivers 2 billion Liters of refined product across some of the most pristine waterways in the world, operating under strict regulatory environments. ITB’s primary customer base is made up of large oil and fuel corporations that require ITB to interface on a regular basis with most marine petroleum handling terminals and refineries in the PNW geographic range.

ITB has instituted industry leading Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (QHSSE) management across all its business lines. To be an industry leader and marketer of petroleum transportation, transloading, and storage services along the waterways of the PNW and Alaska, ITB has dedicated unyielding attention to operational excellence in QHSSE. ITB’s standard of QHSSE is grounded in its Core Values: 

  1. Respect and protect people, the environment and property 
  2. Conduct all activities with honesty and integrity 
  3. Operate at the highest safety standards in the industry 
  4. Build and foster strong relationships with external stakeholders

ITB has also establish its goal to have incident free operations (Target Zero) while operating within PNW hydrocarbon supply markets. The Target Zero mandate includes:

Target Zero is the standard ITB’s core customers require from their marine carriers and terminal operators. The bar is therefore set at its highest level and ITB spends considerable time and resources to meet and exceed these standards. Through active engagement, ITB is committed in efforts to prevent pollution and continually reduce any possible impact to the environment. In addition to the many established procedures, plans and systems, this commitment to the environment is achieved through training, continuous improvement, regular drills, and voluntary compliance to environmental authorities outside of regulatory bodies. ITB recognizes that preparedness and planning are far more effective in pollution mitigation than simply relying on effective planning. Incident Command systems are extremely advanced, and drills are conducted at least once per year company wide. The “Worst Case Scenario” drill rivals the level of response in drills conducted by many oil majors.

ITB’s double hulled tank barge fleet includes five (5) products tank barges with capacity range from 4 million Liters to 10 million Liters.

  • Four (4) barges in clean petroleum product service (“CPP”)
  • One (1) tank barge is in bunker service supporting the Vancouver ship refueling market
  • Two (2) additional 3rd party owned bunker assets are operated by ITB acting as the Technical Manager in B.C.
  • Each barge has customized testing labs to maintain robust PQA (Product Quality Analysis) standards
  • Tank radar is installed which enables safe, remote monitoring & ullaging during cargo transfer operations
  • Barges carry 1,000 feet of pollution boom readily deployed by marine crews (15-minute target) in the event of a marine related incident
  • Barges are equipped with bow thrusters for efficient mooring operations: 450 – 700 horsepower

With skilled employees, customized equipment, and extensive industry experience, ITB provides efficient solutions in the most challenging environments. Commitment to safety and environmental stewardship is built into every facet of ITB operations and management, and adherence to process and continuous improvement is unparalleled in the industry. ITB brings a unique value and a wide range of cost-effective solutions, equipment, and experience specific to fulfill the supply and distribution needs of customers within the PNW.