USACE IENC buoy overlay available in small download files

May 30, 2013

US River Buoy OverlayChartWorld and CEACT have released the USACE IENC buoy overlays. The convenient download button within CEACT software allows for updating all river charts plus the new buoy overlay at a fingertip, most cost-efficiently while using the smallest data volume on the market.

As the only official value-added reseller of USACE and NOAA, ChartWorld is checking all data prior to its conversion into small-size packages and automatic distribution. The highly compressed files have less than a quarter of their original size.

This guarantees that all chart data is loaded correctly and reduces the number of unsuccessful download attempts in areas with a weak network connection. Such incidents might occur when using a standard RSS feed from an unofficial source.

The new solution facilitates a faster, more cost-efficient download, plus safer charts and more comfort.

Western River Deluxe Charts and all other official ENCs are available at

About ChartWorld and SevenCs
Established in 2000, ChartWorld is a leading chart agent specialized in the resale of digital maritime data and data services for professional use. ChartWorld offers a wide range of products and services including a full scope of ENCs from providers such as PRIMAR, IC-ENC and the UKHO, private nautical charts from Navionics and ChartWorld itself as well as official navigational publications. The ambitious product portfolio ‘ECDIS as a Service’ contains ECDIS, training, life-time warranty and software tools for easy chart ordering.

ChartWorld is a sister company of SevenCs, a leading provider of software for maritime navigation. The software offered by SevenCs consists of the EC2007 ECDIS Kernel used by OEMs worldwide to develop chart display applications, the ENC Tools for the production of electronic nautical charts, and specialist ECS applications such as CEACT.

ChartWorld International is based in Cyprus, Singapore and Germany

About CEACT Information Systems Inc.
Founded in 1999, CEACTTM stands for Channel ECDIS, AIS & Course Trajectory and offers navigation software specifically designed for professional towboats and workboat operations within the confined waterways of the US inland river system. The first CEACTTM system was launched in 2001 after two years of intense development effort.

Due to its unique combination of inland waterway and towboat features that saves user money and also enhances safety, CEACTTM has become not only one of the leading inland navigation systems in the US – used by over 400 towboats and leading barge companies, such as Ingram Marine – but is now also utilized internationally on inland river systems in Latin America.

CEACT information Systems, based in Wayne, WV 25570