The new Ceact 2.16 Supports all types of Common Chart Formats, Overlays and provides improved CPA Functions

Jul 18, 2013

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Credit: Zane Johnston/Flickr

US announced the release of CEACT® 2.6, the navigation software specifically designed for professional towboats and workboat operations. The inland river navigation software now reads BSB raster charts, NOAA / USACE charts and overlays as well as all official ENC charts worldwide.

Bjoern Roehlich, sales director at SevenCs, explains: “Since 2002 we have constantly developed CEACT in accordance with our customers feature requests. With more than 50 per cent market share most of the US workboats can now benefit from the best CEACT® ever. We reduce workload, improve efficiency and allow safe navigation for all professional users. With multiple chart formats and advanced CPA calculation for rivers, along a route and at open sea, CEACT® now is expanding into the workboat market in coastal areas. All CEACT® customers will benefit from our special update conditions for the new version CEACT®2.6. New clients can get a free trial to experience the best CEACT® ever.”

About CEACT®
Stands for Channel ECDIS, AIS & Course Trajectory and is navigation software specifically designed for professional towboats and workboat operations in confined waterways. Based on its unique combination of inland waterway and towboat features that serves navigation systems in the US and Latin America – used by many towboats and leading barge companies.

About SevenCs
The leading provider of software components in the maritime industry. Core product is the EC2007 ECDIS Kernel, used by equipment manufacturers worldwide to display digital charts and to provide navigational functions. Furthermore the company offers software tools for the production of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) and navigation applications for maritime pilots, navies and workboats