New version of the leading ENC validation tool is launched

Apr 16, 2013

The all new ENC Analyzer comes with improved usability and includes the latest standards for ENC, IENC and AML production.

The new version Analyzer 3.1, provided by SevenCs and L-3 Oceania, now performs with distinctively improved user handling and new functionalities. The ENC Analyzer is the market-leading validation tool and is constantly being advanced to keep up with the latest official standards and user requirements.

The setting dialogue now allows one custom rules set to be shared between multiple instances of ENC Analyzer, running on different machines. Included are editable tolerances to allow the user to set the precision for a range of checks. In addition, ENC Analyzer provides the option to include/exclude the validation of the UOC 3.0.0 SCAMIN policy. Regarding standards compliance, Analyzer 3.1 now supports the latest edition 3.0 AML product specification, as well as the latest product specifications for Inland ENCs, eds. 2.2 and 2.3.

With the latest release of the Analyzer, the optional HVC module received some major improvements. The HVC module performs horizontal and vertical consistency validation based on S-65 – (Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) Production Guidance, ed. 1.2.) and allows the producer to check for the consistent encoding of features between adjoining cells and overlapping cells of different scale bands.

Bjoern Roehlich, sales director of SevenCs, says: “The all new Analyzer is again a benchmark in ENC validation. Our long experience and the constant improvement of the product during the past 10 years is the reason why we now have a market share of more than 80 per cent.”

L-3 Oceania is a leading provider of maritime systems and solutions in the surface, undersea, geospatial and network centric spheres of operation for both defence and commercial applications. The areas of expertise are extended to mine warfare and hydrographic solutions. With more than 20 years of experience, it has developed a relationship-based business approach that promotes a sophisticated level of customer and contractor teamwork. L-3 Oceania is ISO 9001:2008 qualified and proud to be an Australia-based company.

SevenCs GmbH is the leading provider for software components in the maritime industry. Core product is the EC2007 ECDIS Kernel, used by OEMs worldwide to display digital charts and to provide navigational functions. Furthermore, the company offers software tools for the production of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) and navigation applications for maritime pilots, navies and workboats. Customers for the ENC Analyzer are Hydrographic Offices, Waterway Authorities, international ports and other producers of digital charts for navigation.