Nanaimo Port Authority joins Green Marine

Jun 12, 2012

Nanaimo Port Authority (NPA) has joined the Green Marine environmental improvement program as part of its efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and the port’s operational impact on adjacent communities.

Established in 2007, Green Marine aims to improve the marine industry’s environmental performance beyond regulatory compliance by encouraging participants to set reduction targets.

NPA strives to be the transportation and marine recreational gateway on Vancouver Island, serving the Pacific Rim and beyond. Three distinct operations and administration are conducted within the Nanaimo Port Authority’s harbour limits. These range from deep sea vessel management, to debris control and through its commercial terminal the Port is a significant economic generator with cargo handling operations.

According to NPA’s president & CEO, taking part in the Green Marine voluntary program is a way of adding accountability to the efforts the port has already taken toward sustainability.

”Our role and vision are to encourage responsible and sustainable property development and provide for a high level of safety and environmental protection’,” said Bernie A. Dumas, president & CEO of the Nanaimo Port Authority.

Green Marine is pleased to welcome NPA among its participants.

”This is a clear demonstration of environmental commitment by the Port of Nanaimo. Not only are they accepting to implement our specific program requirements to reduce their environmental footprint, but they are also embracing a philosophy of continuous improvement and transparency,” added Green Marine executive director, David Bolduc.

Nanaimo Port Authority is the third organization from Vancouver Island to join Green Marine, after Victoria Shipyards (Seaspan Marine Corporation) and the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority. An ever increasing number of West Coast companies are joining Green Marine in order improve their environmental performance.
Green Marine Overview
Initially founded by Canadian and U.S. companies in the Great Lakes & St. Lawrence region, Green Marine has been rapidly expanding into various regions of North America, including British Columbia and Atlantic Canada. Shipowners, port authorities, terminal operators, and shipyards participating in the program evaluate their performance each year against a set of criteria on a one-to-five scale from regulatory compliance to achieving excellence. Green Marine credibility and relevance has been recognized on the international scene when it received, in July 2011, the prestigious Sustainable Shipping Award for Green Shipping Initiative of the Year. More than 60 shipowners, port authorities, terminal and shipyard operators from coast to coast, in Canada and the USA are currently part of the program. For a full list of participants and the latest performance results go to
About Nanaimo Port Authority
Nanaimo Port Authority is one of Canada’s 19 port authorities whose mandate is to provide facilities to support economic generation and to administer, control, manage, and protect navigation and safety of the Nanaimo Harbour. The Port continues its role as a catalyst for improvement of the Nanaimo waterfront. Port facilities include deep sea terminals at Nanaimo Assembly Wharf, Duke Point Terminal, Commercial Inlet Basin and Marina, W. E. Mills Landing and Marina for larger vessels, Pioneer Waterfront Plaza Shops and Parking, Seaplane Terminal, Walking/Fishing Pier, Harbourside Walkway and the administration of federal water leases in the Port boundaries. NPA also acts as a facilitator in initiating and supporting ideas and events which stimulate economic growth for the community and, laterally, the Port.