Jan 25, 2022

Limakport purchased five vessels from Med Marine, Turkey’s leading pilotage and towage company, which were built at Ereğli Shipyard, a group company of Med Marine. Deliveries of three tugboats, one mooring boat and one pilot boat were completed in July 2021. .
Med Marine has been providing port services to Limakport Iskenderun International Port Management since 2012.

Types of the vessels operating in Limakport are as follows:

– Two MED-A2575 series 25m/+60 TBP/ASD tugboats
– One MED–C1830 series 18m/+30 TBP/conventional tugboat
– One MED-M1002 series 10m/conventional mooring boat
– One MED-P14 series 14m/pilot boat

About Med Marine:
Med Marine is a leading Turkish shipbuilder and leading tugboat operator. The firm employs Eregli Shipyard, one of the largest shipyards in Turkey based on some 180.000 sqm with more than 30.000 sqm indoor areas to build state-of-the-art tugboats, work boats and Stainless Steel (STST) IMO II type chemical/oil tankers, either for its own operations or clients around the world. Med Marine has a very wide selection of state of the art tug boat design portfolio and the shipyard is constantly being improved with advanced production standards by keeping up with latest health, safety and environmental regulations. Med Marine has successfully completed the construction and delivery of almost 200 projects, including tugboats, chemical/oil tankers, mooring and pilot boats.

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About LimakPort:
Limak is one of the biggest Turkish construction groups operating internationally. Limak has been operating Port of İskenderun after the privatisation of the port in year 2011. After LimakPort acquired operational rights of the port; the invesments have been started as to make the port a modern container port. In parallel with the increase of dry bulk capacity from 1 million tonnes to 4 million tonnes, the port made its container investments from scratch and reached 1 million TEU capacity.
Limak Port İskenderun is directly connected to more than 50 ports in the Middle East, Africa, Northern and Southern Europe. Thanks to the strategic location of the Limak Port Iskenderun, the customers of the port can be reached to every point of the world thanks to a wide hinterland that includes Turkey’s Central Anatolia, Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Regions, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkic Republics and regular service lines.

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