ChartWorld offer CIO+ Information Overlay Service for free

May 12, 2020

Over the past few months, the shipping industry has faced the issue of limited or restricted crew changes. As a result, we have seen an increasing number of reports focusing on the mental and emotional fatigue, and resulting stress, on overworked bridge teams and crew. We believe all maritime companies should do what they can to help seafarers keep safe at this time. Under these very special circumstances, ChartWorld will offer our CIO+ Information Overlay Service free of charge to all vessels until the crew exchange process has been resolved. 

ChartWorld Information Overlay, known as CIO+, is a data overlay shown in ECDIS as a user chart, loaded on top of Electronic Navigational Charts. CIO+ is designed to help the Bridge Team with the task of voyage planning and execution. CIO+ automates the process of applying additional data in ECDIS by means of User Chart Objects. It is also a user chart overlay presenting T&P notices and NAVAREA warnings as actual objects with danger attributes on top of your ENC.

We are all aware of how stress and fatigue can impact day-to-day job performance. However, on a vessel the implication of mistakes and oversights can have devastating consequences. CIO+ will automate what can be a tedious process, and will save plenty of time and, we believe, relieve the crew. 

Oliver Schwarz, founder of ChartWorld, commented “Everyone in the industry wants the crew change situation resolved but, unfortunately, this is in other people’s hands. Each of us, however, can try to make a difference where we can. This is what we do, and this is where we can make a direct difference to crew.”

CIO+ is available for ChartWorld eGlobeG2, Furuno FMD, JRC 9201 and Wartsila ECDIS NS4000. 

About ChartWorld: Established in 1999, ChartWorld has grown to be the world’s largest specialist digital navigation provider.  ChartWorld provides industry-leading innovative digital navigation hardware and software through an affordable service-based model. While software as a service (SaaS) is standard practice in every major business sector, ChartWorld is the only maritime digital navigation company to provide this to the shipping sector.