ChartWorld is extending the product portfolio to support GIS customers with OceanWise Marine Themes data

Jul 15, 2014

Baltic Region - Marine Themes

ChartWorld now offers OceanWise innovative Marine Themes dataset that combines the fragmented features of traditional nautical charting merged into an almost seamless marine map. The data is more beneficial and overcomes the irregular coverage and multi-scale levels of traditional charting products. Compared with traditional ENCs, users are impressed by the simplicity and cleanliness of marine themes.

In particular those users who intend to add third-party datasets or other outputs such as web services will benefit from marine themes. The Digital Elevation Model (DEM) makes Marine Themes an advanced dataset for use in desktop and WebGis. Other new complementary products in raster and vector format are currently in development.

Stephan Dimke, ChartWorld sales director, comments: “Over the last few years we have observed a growing demand for non-navigational products in the field of new web services (WMS, WFS). ChartWorld as a leading provider of digital maritime data services realized this important future trend and claims to be in the forefront in order to achieve customer satisfaction.”


Based in Hampshire in the UK, OceanWise is an independent company specialised in marine environmental data acquisition, management, publishing and GIS. Their skills are technology and networks for end-to-end solutions, required for all marine environmental data management. OceanWise employs a team of highly skilled and enthusiastic staff and a pool of associates who are experts in their own field, including law of the sea, market research and software development.


Established in 2000, ChartWorld is a leading chart agent specializing in the resale of digital maritime data and data services for professional maritime use. ChartWorld offers professional mariners a wide range of products and services including a full range of ENCs from providers such as PRIMAR, IC-ENC and the UKHO, private nautical charts from various providers, navigational publications from the UKHO, and digital paper chart update services. The ambitious product portfolio ‘ECDIS as a Service’ contains ECDIS, training, life-time warranty and software tools for easy chart ordering.